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Training competitive dressage horses from green to FEI. 

Gold & Silver rider medalist Frank Burns is a Grand Prix competitive rider and trainer.   Based in the Kimberton, PA area.   Frank has accomplished the rare feat of breeding, breaking and training his own horse from training level to Grand Prix.   

A wealth of experience, putting energy into honing his skills.

Frank started his riding career by competing at the local level in 4-H and Pony Club.   He has a diverse background blending jumping, cross country and finally specializing in dressage.  He has a classical training background.   Through the years he has had opportunity to train with, take  clinics with such riders as Paul Belasick, JJ Tate, Scott Hassler, Betty Lester, and Charles de Kunffy.

A sought after coach, training students from training to FEI

Frank is a sought after trainer, for his patience and ability to inspire his students.   He has worked with students in many disciplines to enhance their connection to their horse.  

Burns Dressage, LLC


now @

Red Rock Farm

1228 W Bridge St

Spring City, PA 19475

42 acre Premium Equine Facility

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